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Gilan Power Generating Management

An introduction to the company

GILAN POWER GENERATING MANAGEMENT COMPANY (Private Held Co.) has been established in March13, 1994 as a private joint stock company registered in companies’ registration office on the number3270.

The main activities of the company is management of the power generating in combined cycle power plants, gas steam and etc. by exploitation from all units and installations of powerhouse and attached units. The company has started its activity since March21, 1994.

The combination of Shareholders and board members of the company

modiriat tolid bargh gilan share

Activities, plans, and to be operated projects

Managing GILAN combined cycle power house

Selection of GILAN Power Generating Management Company’s information with financial ratios

Contact information

Address: km15th of RASHT road, RASHT, GILAN, IRAN- QAZVIN

Tel: (+9813)33882604-6

POST BOX: 41635,1434

POST CODE: 23371/85618