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Heris Power Generator

An introduction to the company

HERIS POWER GENERATOR COMPANY has been established in August21, 2011 as a private joint stock company, and registered in Tehran companies’ registration industrial owning office on the number411253.

The main activities of the company are such as: design, construction and exploitation of powerhouses and generating power; transmission and sale of power; investment in powerhouses purchase accepting loans of RILS and foreign exchange from financial and credit institutions and banks, for the company; operating industrial related and legal commerce activities of any kind; export and import of power based on company’s rules and regulations.

The combination of Shareholders and board members of the company

Heris share

Activities, plans, and to be operated projects

The construction phase of HERIS URUMIA Combined Cycle Power Plant began from March21, 2015 with the aim of providing required electricity energy of region and transiting it to foreign countries. The area for this factory is 700000 cubic meters. Required time for the first phase of construction of 968Mw HERIS power plant with the capacity of 493megawatt, planning, facilities providing, construction work, installation and implementation will be 36 months. Still there is not any decision about the second phase. Total cost of investment in the first phase was 285 million euro and the equity of shareholders was 318500 million RIALS. Recommended currency facilities will be 80% and more than 250milliom euro. Banned letter of these mentioned facilities were received from national development fund but till the time of prospectus presentation, anything has not received.

Selection of HERIS POWER GENERATOR Company’s information with financial ratios

HERIS POWERPLANT GENERATOR COMPANY’s information with financial ratios (financial year, ending January19th)

Contact information


4th floor, No.6, on the corner of GOL AZIN Avenue, northern MOTAHARI St., DARYA Boulevard, SA’ADAT ABAD, TEHRAN, IRAN


(+9821) 8869595-6