Omid Taban Hour Energy management



Industry Introduction

The main and important indicators of power industry are more favored in fifth and sixth program of economic improvement of the country in electricity and energy industry.

Exploitation from new installations, considering power energy demand raise of country, organizing them with available installations, and increasing the exploitation, and customer service, and optimizing the energy production cost using the ongoing technical knowledge which demands a lot of efforts and investments and they all exist in the future agenda and outlook of power industry.

Plans for increasing the capacity of country’s power production system during upcoming years are based on the below policies:

1- Directing toward the construction of combined cycle power plants and transforming gas power plants into combined cycle with high efficiency and less contaminants, with regard to technology advancement and domestic equipment construction of these kinds of power plants.

2- Developing and constructing new power plants using wind and solar energy sources, with the least amount of environmental pollution.

3- Creating a competitive environment and participation of the private sector in the field of power plants construction, with the methods of B.O.O & B.O.OT, and offering the produced power in the power market.

4- Increasing the production system storage factor, and the stability of the system from the current limit, and decreasing blackouts index to the least.

Based on the plans it is expected the installed power capacity of the power plants in country (governmental and private) increase to a number equivalent for 74,000Mw. At the moment, OMID TABAN HOUR ENERGY MANAGEMENT Company, due to ownership of GILAN Combined Cycle Power Plant with 1,350Mw capacity, shares of ORUMIA Combined Cycle Power Plant with 954Mw capacity, and SEMNAN Combined Cycle Power Plant with 324Mw capacity, and considering the nominal capacity of the power plants of the country; it owns 1% shares of the power plants of country. For that matter, considering the investment in the development plan of ORUMIA Combined Cycle Power Plant, and SIRJAN Combined Cycle Power Plant and HARIS Combined Cycle Power Plant, the plan of the company is the ownership of 5%of the power plants of country by the end of the sixth Development Program.

OMID TABAN HOUR ENERGY MANAGEMENT Company was founded in October 29, 2011 as a Joint Stock Company and was registered in Companies Registration Office and industrial property of Tehran by No. 417 373, national ID 10320688781

The location of the center office of the company is: No.12, west ARASH St. in Africa St., Tehran, Iran

Zip code: 1917744359

OMID TABAN HOUR ENERGY MANAGEMENT Company (Private Joint Stock) is one of the affiliated to OMID INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT GROUP (Public Joint Stock).

The area of activity:

Based on article 2 of the statute, the activities of the company contain: managing, investing, and associating in all power and energy industrial plans; transit and transactions; technical, economical, and financial studies in the field of power and energy.