Omid Taban Hour Energy management


CEO’s message


HassanAli Taghizadeh


Electrical Power is one of the energy carriers with an extended usage which is the most reachable and cleanest carrier of all. Therefore, its usage is growing increasingly, and at the moment, in the whole world wide the fastest growth in final energy usage, is related to electricity.

Power industry as the fundamental industry, has an important role in economic and welfare development of communities.

The importance of power is, because of the possibility of using more modern technology and environmental caring in all fields of activities, can be chosen as the appropriate energy. So the daily growth in demanding power needs professional management, and it needs huge investments in power and energy industry of country.

The lack of financial sources in order to do new investments appropriate with the growth of power consumption, and providing the expense for repairing and keeping of available installations, operational weakness of governmental divisions in managing this part, and subsequently the increase of expense for providing and producing the needed power for society, has attracted the attention and interest of government toward privatization of power industry.

From OMID Investment Group, OMID TABAN HOUR ENERGY MANAGEMENT COMPANY works as a professional company in Iran and the countries in the region.

This company has an active and effective presence in country by: scientific management in investment; executing industrial designs (project, plan); technical-economical studies; and electrical energy trade.

This company with the help of promising and expert human resource, and the use of modern technology and with professional investment management, in confronting Universal Standards, in a 20 years outlook of country, moves in the frame of national interests.

One of the most important midterm goals of OMID TABAN HOUR ENERGYMANAGEMENT COMPANY is getting access to 5% shares of power plants of country, and investing in power production from reproducible sources (solar energy, wind power …); at the moment, this company owns 1.5% capacity of power plants in country.

Financial transparency is one of the most important features which should be considered in OMID TABAN HOUR ENERGY MANAGEMENT COMPANY and regarding this, entering the bourse market has been put to the plan.

Using financial sources of national development fund, and foreign finances, are the most fundamental ways which should be used in constructive power plants.